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CleanSure manufacture & supplies high-end PPE products & disinfectants in South Africa.

Our inhouse PPE products for frontline workers include the Face Shield, Counter Shield, and Disinfectant mist tunnels. We also offer our clients a Disinfectant & Decontamination solution as a service and are geared to service most locations in South Africa.

Our high-end PPE products are produced locally making it ideal for the health & safety industry of South Africa.

We also offer our clients a Disinfectant & Decontamination solution as a service and are geared to service most locations in South Africa.

We are passionate about growing our economy through enterprise development and providing service to make sure our customers have the right health & safety equipment for the job.

Our mission extends beyond PPE into the communities that we serve.

Our Mission is to enable the South African retail sector to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY and MOST COST EFFECTIVE protection for their staff and their customers.

Disinfectant Mist Tunnel

Do you need SAVE walkthrough mist sanitizing Tunnels for your school of business?

CleanSure's Disinfectant Mist Tunnel is a compact passageway that generates a disinfectant fog that provides effective sanitation and decontamination for people and items at schools, shopping malls, office buildings, mines, etc.

Sanitation is achieved through the application of a suitable sanitizer or disinfectant in a fine mist form, saturating the air in the passage, especially for occupancies requiring people to work closely together in groups.

Disinfect Your Business Today‎

Cleansure can help to disinfect your home or business. We have an anti-viral disinfectant service near you‎

Cleansure's Mobile Disinfectant Unit is custom made for rapid disinfection of enclosed voids or volumes such as school class/hall rooms, offices, retail stores, warehouses, hospital wards, trains, buses, taxis.

The unit is fitted on a trolley with a dual medium low-pressure atomizing nozzle which disperses disinfectant in a mist form. The high concentration of mist volume ensures that all surfaces are adequately covered with disinfectant.

Decontamination & sanitizing equipment.

Everything you need, delivered directly to your door!


Full-face protective shield/mask 0,5 mm PTE plastic with 50-micron injection-molded plastic. Transparent, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, ideal for protective eye, mouth, nose from flying debris, droplets, aerosols, sprays, and splatters, durable, and practical. Each side equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband, Ideal for a long time wearing. Anti-fog to provide extra comfort and safely against fluid and debris to the facial area.


Do you need to urgently install protective plastic barrier screens to ensure the safety of your staff and clients? COUNTER SHIELD is a plastic screen designed to provide an additional level of protection to employees and customers from sneezes, coughs and bacteria. Besides the COUNTER SHIELD we can also manufacture partitions as well as a range of off the shelf queue control systems for general social distancing.


Protect your workforce & customers with our range of PPE & disinfectant fogger units, misting chemical sprayers, disinfecting misting machine & mobile disinfectant services.


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